The Nynja 912S just won the 14th microlight official FAI Championship in Hungaria (16 agust 2014) with Rob Grimwood and John Waite 
Second were Yuri Yakolev and Son in their Aeroprackt, and third was Hungarian Dolhai in a Sinus pipistrel. 
So Rob and John (and the NYNJA) are now currently World, European (2013) and British Champions 2014 !

The Nynja got his first world award after the European award in 2013 and after 5 skyranger world FAI awards

Rob Grimwood and John Waite -New World Champions beating all comers in a range of daily different tasks like precision navigation, speed , economy, take off distance … and precision landing tasks (each day one different competition task)
They chose the Nynja for their competition campaign because it offers a great blend of capabilities in stock form and the structure and systems allow easy customisation.
In the short takeoff and landing task, the Nynja Of Naaman Tam and son cleared the 1M high tape with ease from a standing start 63M away in nil wind and landing over it to a dead stop in 52M! to resume they take off and land below 52 meters (170 feets)
Rob and John managed 15Km/L in the distance economy task – only beaten in this discipline by far more exotic and much more expensive aircraft.
For the navigation tasks where complex curved tacks must be followed within 200m accuracy and groundspeed within 5 seconds at hidden checkpoints, whilst spotting markers and photos, they were helped by the good speed range and excellent visibility from the Nynja. In Last years European championships In Slovakia they even showed that in the right hands the Nynja can be a Sailplane – achieving 6.5hours on just 15L of fuel – spending lots of time soaring engine off.
Congratulations!Rob nynja is with yellow design, Red line is the Nynja of Naman Tam having done 14th on the podium but coming from far….