Philosophy and history

Present on the recreational aviation market since 1999 with unmatched original design of simplicity ! The company designs, and distributes kit planes  of the famous SKYRANGER and NYNJA.

The SKYRANGER was created in France  in Toulouse, the capital of the French aeronautical industry in the mid 90,s. Studies were partly done by one of the most respected aeronautical schools.
The new Nynja was developed in 2009, with innovative design solutions.
The aim of Bestoff is  to produce a high performance light aero plane with the simplest possible construction, to be easily mounted, checked and repaired by anybody anywhere in the world. With only straight tubes and no welding, it has been achieved… The underlying structure of triangulated pin jointed straight tubes provides excellent crash worthiness, and is easy to assess, and repair by component replacement. The incredible simple design which makes the characteristic and the originality of the NYNJA and SKYRANGER reach a single and exceptional level for such exceptional performances for Two-Seater UL airplane. This genius and unique design makes the assembly, use and maintenance to a very high level of simplicity. This technology is so original, and become a reference. And also most important is high security level due to its simplicity.
The Nynja and the Skyranger are today partly manufactured under licence by submanufacturers in France and Europe to very high standards.
Best OFF work in partnership with French high technology aviation universities to improve and test the performance of his planes, new patents are registered

The Skyranger Nynja and have become the reference:

  • Original and unique  technology
  • Quality in all areas of flight.
  • Cabin ergonomics and unmatched flight visibility.
  • Compliance with the weight and regulation, one of the best payload of the market.
  • Economic airplane for flight and maintenance costs.
  • Customization adapted to the use of each.
  • Robust and demonstrative planes proved as they are chose  by many flight schools.
  • High performance airplanes proved by results unmatched in official FAI competitions, 6 World Champion  awards!!!

The incredible success of the NYNJA and SKYRANGER:

  • More than 1500 airplanes have been produced
  • 1300 SKYRANGER and 200 NYNJA are flying all around the world.
  • Most of the planes are used in flight schools
  •  6 times world official FAI champion, also several European champion awards (see awards)
  • No other ul planes got so many awards
  • Main certifications: BCARS from uk and DULV Germany, AUL Canada




  • 2014 Official FAI World Champion 2014 Slovaquia Nynja 912S (Rob Grimwood)
  • 2013 European FAI Champion Nynja 912s  Slovaquia (Rob Grimwood)
  • 2012 FAI World Championship in Spain: Silver medal (Ninja, Paul Dewurst) and Bronze medal (Ninja, Robert Grimwood)
  • 2011 Offical UL  Champion ( Robert Grimwood – Nynja 912s)
  • 2011 The UK ultralight tour compétition, 1er Nynja Robert Grimwood, 2ème Nynja Paul  Dewurst.
  • 2010 silver medal in 2010 European champion ship with David Brown (EMC in sywell Great Britain).
  • 2008 European Champion with Paul Dewurst on skyranger 912S in Poland.
  • 2008 Official French UL Champion Gold (JC Aynié) and Silver Medal (J Servinou.
  • 2007 OFFICIAL FAI WORLD CHAMPION (Paul Dewurst).
  • 2006 Official FAI European Champion (Paul Dewurst).
  • 2005 Official FAI World Champion (Paul Dewurst UK) 4th Times.
  • 2004 Silver medal EuropeanUL championship.
  • 2004 German DULV homologation.
  • 2003 Official FAI World Champion (Paul Dewurst UK) 3d Times.
  • 2003 Official British Ul Champion ( Paul Dewurst).
  • 2002 Official FAI European vice- champion UL (P.Dewurst Hungaria).
  • 2002 Official French Ul champion airplane.
  • 2002 BCAR S English homologation.
  • 1999 Official FAI world champion UL 3 axis airplane (Zen Hungaria).
  • 1998 Official 1st 2nd and 3d french Ul 3 axis champion airplane.
  • 1997 French UL VLA (part BC) homologation.
  • 1996 Official FAI world champion UL 3 axis airplane (Zen South Africa).
  • 1996 Spanish Homologation.
  • 1995 German statics test successful.
  • 1994 Wing profile tested in Toulouse in blowing tunnel.
  • 1993 First French UL homologation.

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