These options improve the aerodynamic qualities of the device, its security and adaptation to extreme conditions.


Cloth covering Options



White Dacron cloth


DACRON colored cloth


XLAM cloth plastified anti uv

Wheel spats :

The Skyranger wheel spat option includes glassfibre wheel spats for all three wheels and all associated brackets and hardware to fit them. Like all the glassfibre on the Skyranger they are supplied in white gelcoat finish, but may be painted any colour as desired during your build.

Double stick

Parachute recovery system

Main parachute brands have a model for SkyRanger, easy to install, for best security flights.

Bush Wheel Option

The optional BUSH wheel on the main landing gear is recommended for use on unpaved strips, grass, mountains, raids…

Folding wing kit

This option allows to fold the wing but only for garage, not for trailer

Seaplane Option

The floats of different manufacturers can be installed

Nynja choice of colors and stickers