The original version of skyranger from year 1990 with original and incredible simple design,
The begining of big legend,
Get the original….


SKYRANGER original and unique design

The design brief in the 90’s was to produce a high performance microlight of conventional layout, with good creature comforts, whilst doing so with the simplest possible construction, in order to create a machine with good affordability, and suited to amateur construction, and ease of maintenance.  More than 1300 SkyRanger series aircraft have been produced till now . The SkyRanger proving extremely popular in Europe, USA, South America, Australia, and many other countries . The SkyRanger quickly proved itself a very easy  aeroplane. Lot of them  flying schools and novice pilots for its easy flying characteristics and easy  stall. It also found favour with top pilots, and has had incredible success in international competitions with 5 official FAI world champion awards.

The SKYRANGER benefited from  1994 of studies : computer structure , break test of vital parts, wind tunnel testing, etc.

Studies previously reserved to traditional aircraft.
Several  static tests (1996 German approval  2001 for the BCAR’S  held at 6G without deformations and 16 degrees of incidence for over 10 sec ).

The Skyranger  allows performance  close to a standart club light aircraft but with exceptional  simplicity of design.

SKYRANGER longwing VMAX2 or shortwing SWIFT2


The SkyRanger Swift is a development from the best selling SkyRanger. Featuring a smaller wing, the Swift benefits from higher cruise speeds and a more comfortable ride in turbulence thanks to the increased wing loading.

With a combination of shorter wingspan, and greater torsional strength, the smaller ailerons result in reduced roll loads and increased roll rate, especially noticeable at high cruise speeds over 160km/h. Powerful control response right down to stall speed, makes for easy control, and superb crosswind capability.
The SkyRanger Swift always did have the highest payload in class, and with the Swift gaining 3Kg from the smaller wing this is increased further. Basic spec aircraft can be built under 250Kg. The owner can then decide whether to benefit from increased payload, or add a full range of extras and avionics, without having to worry about exceeding the maximum weight limit.


The SkyRanger Vmax 2 is the latest version with new upper fiber fin increasing stabilty. With the largest wing it is capable of flying on the least horsepower, so is the best choice for the smaller engine options. Having a low wing loading it has the best STOL performance too when flying with equal horsepower, and a slightly lower stalling speed.

The SkyRanger Classic is also the lowest cost SkyRanger model offering outstanding value for money. It can be customized later, with the addition of a large range of retrofit options.

Construction and  technology


  • The incredible simple design which makes the characteristic and the originality of the SKYRANGER reach a single and exceptional level for such exceptional performances for Two-Seater UL airplane.
  • This genius and unique design makes the assembly, use and maintenance to a very high level of simplicity.
  • This technology is so original, and become a reference.
  • And also most important is high security level due to its simplicity.


  • The fuselage design is patented, and construction features are:
    • Pin jointed tubular construction.
    • No welded tubes.
    • Only straight tubes are used (with the obvious exception of wing ribs!).
    • Main structure is of aircraft grade 2024 aluminium tubing. Other parts are made from Steel, and Stainless steel.
  • The undercarriage is particularly strong: the SkyRanger being designed for “off the beaten track” operation.
  • Covering is made with pre made sewn fabric envelopes, which quickly slide into position and tension.
  • Glassfibre panels are used for cowlings. These are supplied finished in white, and also require no painting.

SKYRANGER Advantages

  • Ease of build: only simple ‘handy man’ skills required to complete
  • Easy and simple to inspect
  • Simple maintenance
  • Ease of repair
  • Excellent strength to weight ratio
  • Low shipping volume, and low carriage costs for kit and parts
  • Long term structural fatigue resistance
  • Low cost of individual components, and complete kits
  • All building is simple fun and educational

It will result in you knowing all the aircraft and having great confidence in the structure and your ability to look after the machine in the years ahead and carry out maintenance tasks

Moteur ul versionRotax 912Rotax 912sRotax 912Rotax 912s
Wing span9,5m8,5m
Max Chord1,7m1,7m
Wing Area14,1m_12,8m_
Lenght Overall5,5m
Fuselage Width1,09m
Maximal Weight UL472kg
Empty Weight Min262kg264kg
Limit Loads+4G / -2G
Velocity Never Exceed VNE200km/h210km/h
Max Level Speed160km/h185km/h
Cruise Speed130km/h145km/h
VS0 with 25° flaps with extension64km/h64km/h
TakeOff Distance at 450kg170m160m170m160m
TakeOff and 15m320m300m320m280m
Rate of Climb4m/s5m/s5m/s
Range at Cruise Speed550km580km


Lexan wide windshield, dark tinted anti UV easily
Large lexans cabin doors
Rear luggage compartment
Tire size wheel 4.00 – 6″
Hydraulic disk brakes on main gear
Dual stick controls, conventional three axis
Manual stabilizer trim
Manual flap control 3 position
Throttle central handle
Big instrument central panel
Flight instrumentation possible: airspeed indicator, three pointer altimeter (all large, analog),
Vertical speed indicator small Magnetic compass, Slip indicator
Adjustable seats on ground (option)
4-point safety belts for each seat
2 or 3 blades propeller with spinner (option)
Rotax Engine standard analog instruments: tachometer, oil pressure gauge.
Oil temperature gauge, water temperature indicator, hour meter
Rotax engine warranty according countries


Engine options :
  • Rotax 582 65CV only available on Skyranger Vmax
  • Jabiru 2200 85CV
  • Rotax 912 80CV
  • Rotax 912S 100CV
Cloth covering Options :
  • White Dacron cloth (to be painted)
  • DACRON colored cloth (to be painted with clear)
  • XLAM cloth (UV resistant, not necessary to paint)
  • DACRON thermo-Retratable Diatex, Polyfiber or another (possible).
Wheel spats :
The Skyranger wheel spat option includes glassfiber wheel spats for all three wheels and all associated brackets and hardware to fit them. Like all the glassfiber on the Skyranger they are supplied in white gel coat finish, but may be painted any color as desired during your build.
Tinted screen :
This is useful to minimize the suns glare. It has the added advantage of making the aircraft aesthetically more appealing.
Wingtip fairings :
These consist of glassfibre mouldings that neaten the end of the wing.  The new swift 2 wing tips improve the high speed but also low speed performance.
Parachute recovery system :
Main parachute brands have a model for SkyRanger.
Easy to install, for best security flights.
Two piece door (1-piece as standard) :
The advantage of the two piece doors is that the top sections can be left open in operation either on the ground or in the air. This is very nice to let fresh air in when taxying on warm days, and allows for unobstructed aerial photography, or just that “flying with the wind in your face “experience.
Bush Wheel Option111 :
The optional BUSH wheel on the main landing gear is recommended for use on unpaved strips, grass, mountains, raids…

The wheel bush on the nose is not necessary because the weight is minimal on this GEAR plus the induced drag on the nose wheel equipped with bush is very important

Seaplane Option :
The floats of different manufacturers can be installed on our machines for occasional use or professional.
Wing fold option :
Possibility to fold the wing in 10mn for garage only


The SKYRANGER is built with the best materials and latest generation steel to aluminum! 2017, 2024, 7075, 25CD4, 15CDV6.
The paintings are in xlam latest generation UV and protected. The linen change is cheaper than paint on a plane composite or aluminum.
The concept cleverly combines the advantages of aluminum and composite ones, but without the disadvantages of each of them!
The structure in aluminum tubing offers the best compromise between strength, durability, corrosion and fatigue, this technology is known and controlled, the skyranger still flying with over 10 000 flight hours, number of structures skyranger pass the 20,000 landings school !!! intensive use without any compensation.
The skyranger the power to weight ratio is exceptional, its load capacity is excellent and helps to increase compliance.
Repair costs with aluminum tubes assembled by bolts and panels interchangeable glass fibers are incomparably economic.
Repairs can be done locally and immediately by anyone, anywhere, without special skills with a result and optimum safety! ! !
Simplicity … your peace …


Main airframe components:

  • Box 1 – 430 x 32 x 32 cm (95kg)
  • Box 2 – 270 x 32 x 32 cm (35kg)

Pre assembled tail and control surfaces :

Ailerons, flaps and other coverings :

  • Box 3 – 240 x 20 x 74 cm (30kg)

Wheels and brakes :

  • Box 4 – 40 x 40 x 40cm (12kg)

Cowlings and tanks :

  • Box 5 – 100 x 70 x 60cm (15 kg)

Lexan (for glazing) :

  • Box 6 – 130 x 40 x 40cm (12kg)